Tamika is a local small business owner, serving as CEO for East Harlem Tax Services. She is also a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

Tamika has a BA in Paralegal studies from Kaplan University.

Tamika is a veteran of the US Army.

Tamika is running to fight for the people of her neighborhood. She brings her experience of being a resident of the community and being a small business owner. I know the challenges that we face every day in this district.

In the 68th district, 93% of residents are renters with 25% living in public housing. Tamika will advocate and go to Albany to make sure our elected officials keep their promises. Tamika believes that everyone should be able to afford to live in this great city.

In 2013, Tamika’s 15-year-old daughter committed suicide; after a prolonged custody battle in which the daughter suffered from parental alienation. Tamika will keep our elected officials and offer solutions on how to solve this problem in our district.

Tamika knows first hand how landlord's are taking advantage of our small business owners by charging outrages rents. Tamika will keep our elected officials and give solutions on how to ensure owning a business in the district easier.

Tamika Mapp has made her commitment to the community by being involved in a number of community organizations such as:
Girl Scouts
Progressives Educating New Yorkers
596 Acres