Council candidate reaches out, one voter at a time

August 9, 2017
Ryan Kelly

When there’s a knock on the door and Mott Haven residents open it to see Tamika Mapp, the last thing they could imagine is that the woman in front of them is running for elected office. That’s exactly how the City Council candidate wants it.

As a small business owner who was once homeless and became a mother in her teens, Mapp, 41, is running for the District 8 seat soon to be vacated by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. She has spent the campaign season walking through the district, introducing herself to everyone along the way. When people are surprised to learn that she’s campaigning, she tells them “then I did my job right.”

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Candidate Scorecard

May 3, 2017
Human Scale NYC

This was the only candidate in the crowded East Harlem race who bothered to
take our survey. While this candidate also checked many of the boxes in the
right way, she did not make any comments that would allow us to assess her
broader thinking on the issues. Our biggest disappointment is that Ms. Mapp
did not provide an answer to our question about District-specific issues, which
dinged her final grade considerably. We punt this one to our members in East
Harlem: what do you all think of her?
To Ms. Mapp’s credit, her main issue of the heart appears to be reform of the
family court system. We suggest that voters in District 8 who care about the
Human-Scale agenda take a closer look at her and question her more
thoroughly on the rezoning plan for East Harlem. Might they have an ally in
that David-versus-Goliath fight who is not part of the existing machine?

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July 20, 2017

"Women are underrepresented in the political world, often their names go unrecognized and women are often discouraged to run for office," said Sharon Nelson, President of the NWPC in New York. "This campaign is designed to make sure we not only elevate the profiles and stories of female candidates but also raise the importance of voter turnout during local elections. Our vision is for SHEROES OF NY to serve as a blueprint for the nation that shows that women candidates are capable, ready and most importantly willing to work together and unite to serve their communities," Nelson concluded.

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Harlem Pols Say They’ll Get Tough on Rezoning, Affordability Concerns

February 24, 2017
Abigail Savitch-Lew

Former City Councilmember Inez Dickens, who jumped over to the State Assembly this year, was widely regarded as absent from discussions on the Department of City Planning (DCP)’s proposed rezoning of East Harlem. Her replacement, however, might take a different approach.

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August 23, 2014
Daily Freeman

Tamika Mapp, 38, a black Army veteran from Harlem, said she participated “because I don’t want my son to have to do this when he’s 38.”

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Women of Color

May 7, 2017
women of color

While we are unable to endorse in the 2017 election, we wanted to make sure to be as transparent as possible, and list out for everyone all the women of color who are currently running for NYC elected office. We will let you folks decide which candidate’s platform best aligns with your principles, and endorse that way. We also would like to make ourselves available for any questions you might have on a candidate or a race, and try our best to inform all of you on the goings-on of these elections.

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Who’s Who in the Contested City Council Races

May 12, 2017
Annalisa Ramnarain

Who's Who in the Contested City Council Races.

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